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A tailored approach to skincare

Get bespoke advice on how you can improve the look of your skin problem areas with a face-to-face skin consultation at our Newmarket clinic. We all have aspects of our appearance that bother us when we look in the mirror. However, with a wide range of skin care treatments available here at our Suffolk practice, we can tailor our treatments to provide you with optimal rejuvenating, or corrective results.

Why not come and speak to our nurse prescriber, Rebecca Taylor, to find out the sort of results you can achieve and how long it would take for you to feel confident in your appearance again?

A skincare consultation with Rebecca typically lasts around 30 minutes. It’s completely confidential and will allow you to plan your bespoke treatment plan. Welcome to the beginning of your skincare journey and a new refreshed you!

You will only require downtime if your consultation has led directly into treatment.

Rebecca will be able to advise you of how long the results of your desired treatments will last.

You can expect an informal discussion with Rebecca about which treatments may suit your individual skin best. It’s a chance to ask any questions you may have and gain valuable information about how you can achieve the look you want.

Rebecca will discuss the risks involved in your desired treatments with you during the consultation.

Rebecca will provide you with after-care advice that is relevant to the treatment you’re considering.

treatment areas

Face and Body

Rebecca will examine, assess, and discuss all your skin concerns with a view to solving them safely and effectively.


  • As a general rule of thumb, lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and at the sides of the eyes, are treated with anti-wrinkle injections. Deep expression lines on the mid and lower face, such as the lines that run from your nose to your mouth, and your mouth to your chin, can be smoothed over using dermal fillers. These are both temporary, non-invasive, quick working, rejuvenation treatments. The results last 3 to 4 months for Botox and 6 to 12 months for dermal fillers. We also offer a range of treatments that provide longer-lasting results. The results of these treatments take longer to become visible because they are triggered by having your body’s collagen levels boosted; a process which takes time and several sessions to achieve.

  • Our Newmarket skin clinic offers a huge range of facials as we fully appreciate that every individual has different skin concerns they want to tackle. During your skincare consultation, we’ll have a discussion about the sort of results you’d like your facial to achieve with a view to us putting together a bespoke treatment that will offer you personally optimal results.

  • Rebecca Taylor is extremely discreet. She is a medical professional, with years of experience in dealing with sensitive problems. Everything you tell her will be in confidence unless you give her permission to share it with other clinicians who will be involved in your treatment.

  • Our skincare consultations involve an informal chat about your beauty goals, with professional advice and an assessment included. You are under no obligation to purchase any of the treatments we talk about. But please be reassured that all the information you receive comes from a trusted authority in the cosmetic industry.

  • The last thing we want to do is talk you into a treatment you don’t want. It’s not good for either of us. Instead, we’ll offer you advice on how your beauty goals can be achieved and inform you of the treatment options available at our Newmarket practice.

  • Unless there’s special circumstances, skin consultations need to be face-to-face. Otherwise the advice we provide, may be in accurate.

I enjoyed every minute of my visit. Rebecca is very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions about various treatments with patience and friendly smile.”


The most effective way to find out how you can look the best version of yourself is by speaking to our expert practitioner, Rebecca Taylor. She’ll be able to assess your skin flaws and weaknesses with a view to providing advice on how to restore them. Please get in touch to book your appointment.