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Ultracel Q+

Ultracel Q+ is perfect for those who want to lift, tighten and contour. During the treatment at our clinic in Newmarket, Suffolk, HIFU ultrasound technology will be used to target different layers of the skin including the SMAS and the dermis, purposely heating them with the aim of controlled trauma. The SMAS is the area typically addressed in a surgical facelift. This action will stimulate the body’s natural skin repair response and create new collagen production to lift and tighten the skin with no skin surface damage. It rejuvenates the face, with minimal downtime and without the associated risks of treatments like dermal filler.

The Ultracel Q+ is the perfect option for those who want a natural rejuvenation result. Results gradually improve and are visible 3 months after treatment as the body produces fresh new collagen. Unlike traditional HIFU, the Ultracel Q+ treats three times faster which is why it offers minimal discomfort and a much quicker treatment time.

Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics is the only clinic in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk to offer Ultracel Q+.

Treatment of the whole face using Ultracel Q+ and HIFU takes 45 minutes, for body, treatment time is 20-45 minutes. The mode that will best suit the area you wish to target will be advised by Rebecca during your consultation. Our Newmarket skin clinic also offers a Non-Surgical Face Lift package of treatment that consists of 6 treatments over 3 appointments, spaced 6 weeks apart. The treatments are as follows: Treatment 1 is full face HIFU plus radio frequency skin tightening and lifting. Treatment 2 is radio frequency skin tightening plus fractional resurfacing helping to improve overall skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment 3 is the same as treatment 1- full face HIFU plus radio frequency skin tightening and lifting.

There is no downtime with this treatment. It couldn’t be more different to surgery given the long surgical recovery time, and yet the results are similar!

Results are fully seen at 3 months and last for up to 2 years. Top up treatments at our Newmarket-based skin clinic will ensure you maintain your new look.

During the treatment, small amounts of energy are deposited under the skin, to stimulate collagen production and produce new skin tissue. This process may feel prickly, but it’s not painful.

Your skin may feel warm afterwards. It may also be blotchy. But these superficial side effects will soon subside. The treatment is considered very safe.

Rebecca will advise you as to how you can best look after your skin following treatment at our Newmarket skin clinic, but you will be guided to avoid the sun, keep yourself hydrated, avoid hot showers, and try and avoid scratching your treated skin.

treatment areas


Skin laxity at the jawline will be tightened. The skin will be lifted, giving you a sharper, younger-looking profile.

Mid face

Sunken cheeks and the tear troughs will be targeted to provide a more even skin tone and a hydrated youthful plumpness across the mid face area.

Lower face

Prominent expression lines running vertically from the nose and mouth will be smoothed over. Additionally, the corners of the lips may be lifted.


  • At our skin clinic in Newmarket, Suffolk, your skin will be lifted, fine lines smoothed and areas of sagging skin tightened. Your facial skin should look tighter, plumper, and generally be more youthful looking.

  • The effects of your non-surgical facelift will be visible after 3 months. The number of sessions you’ll need to achieve your beauty goals will be determined by Rebecca during your consultation.

  • You can book a top-up treatment at our Newmarket skin clinic. There’s no reason you can’t maintain your new look if you simply keep up to date with your top-up bookings.

  • No. Some patients have reported a prickly feeling, but it shouldn’t hurt.

  • Dot mode is slightly slower than linear mode. It reaches 65 degrees centigrade to make skin tissues shrink. This mode is ideal for lifting the skin. The linear mode is very fast and generally used for volume reduction, so more likely to be applied to a sagging jawline.

  • The results of your facelift could last for up to 3 years. After this time, you’ll be invited to a top-up treatment to maintain your new look.

I enjoyed every minute of my visit. Rebecca is very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions about various treatments with patience and friendly smile.”


An Ultracel Q+HIFU facelift offers many more benefits than surgery. If you’re keen to look younger without significant downtime, or any scarring at all, a non-surgical facelift is ideal. Rebecca has been delivering non-surgical facelifts successfully for many years at her skin clinic in Newmarket, Suffolk. For a trusted facial rejuvenation, please get in touch to book your appointment.