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Envy facial treatment

The three-step Envy medical treatment program is renowned for its anti-ageing and skin-clearing properties. If you’re suffering from acne, blackheads, or tired, dull, congested skin, this revolutionary technique can restore an even skin tone, texture, and give you a healthier appearance with brighter skin, smaller pores, and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

The process involves the exfoliation of damaged skin cells, a cleansing of your skin’s impurities, and then the application of a bespoke serum that will infuse your skin to provide a hydrated and radiant appearance. With no downtime, it’s a quick, safe, and effective way to improve your skin health and function.

It’s a fast process, as the exfoliation and serum application happens at the same time. We expect it to last 40 minutes.

No downtime is expected with Envy medical treatment.

Your results should last for 2 to 3 weeks.

Your skin will be exfoliated to remove impurities, before being cleansed and then a serum applied. Any redness that follows immediately afterwards will soon subside to reveal a glowing and radiant complexion.

There may be minor peeling and slight redness of the skin following treatment, but this should subside quickly.

You’ll be advised during your skincare consultation beforehand as to the sort of aftercare you may need to apply following an envy medical treatment.

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Boosts the complexion to give you clearer skin with fewer blemishes.


  • Yes, wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage can all be greatly reduced by Envy medical treatment.

  • It begins with an exfoliation process to remove damaged skin cells. Skin impurities, like blackheads, are then cleansed via a gentle vacuum technique. And finally, a serum that has been tailored to your skin needs will be massaged into your face.

  • This type of treatment is bespoke. It’s tailored to the individual to help them achieve their skin goals. Our Newmarket skin clinic can adapt the procedure to ensure it is suitable for you and it will give your confidence a boost.

  • It won’t hurt. We don’t even use a local anaesthetic cream, because we don’t anticipate you to be in any pain.

  • The results are long-lasting. Please speak to Rebecca to ask about the duration of the results for you personally when you have your skincare consultation.

  • After treatment, your skin should be glowing, younger looking, and any problem areas of acne, bumpy skin, or congestion should now have a smooth tone and texture.

I enjoyed every minute of my visit. Rebecca is very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions about various treatments with patience and friendly smile.”


For the a great bespoke treatment that will concentrate on your individual areas of skin concern, consider an envy medical treatment. Get in touch to book your skincare consultation now. This will allow Rebecca to assess your precise needs.