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Lip filler treatment

Lip fillers can increase the volume of your lips, as well as add definition and structure to give you more luscious proportions. Whether your lips have grown thinner as you’ve got older, or you want to try out a new look and give your confidence a boost, lip enhancement is an effective, non-invasive method of improving the appearance of your pout!

Small amounts of dermal fillers, of an appropriate consistency, will be injected into targeted lip areas, in and around the lips. They will be injected by our experienced practitioner, Rebecca; our nurse prescriber. You will have discussed the shape and volume you wish to achieve beforehand, so you’ll know exactly how they’re going to look. Lip enhancement treatment at our Suffolk clinic offers predictably desirable results every time.

Lip enhancement treatments take 30-40 minutes, but you will need a consultation with Rebecca first to discuss the exact look you want to achieve.

We advise taking it easy with your lips for 48 hours after treatment, to give your lip fillers time to settle.

Lip fillers should remain in place, giving you newly luscious lips for between 6 and 12 months.

The lip fillers will be injected into various targeted areas of the lips and lip outlines, depending on what you hope to achieve. A numbing anaesthetic cream will be applied beforehand to ensure the treatment doesn’t cause you any pain.

Dermal fillers have an excellent safety record. When delivered by the capable hands of our nurse prescriber, Rebecca, they present only a very low risk to your health. Minor side effects are commonplace however, and you may experience some swelling, bruising or redness that will subside very quickly.

In order to facilitate the settling of your new lip fillers, Rebecca will give you aftercare advice that will ensure you achieve optimal results. You’ll be advised to avoid both strenuous exercise and extreme heat.

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Whether you’re looking for a classic shape with increased volume, rounder, fuller lips, or more even proportions, lip fillers are injected directly into and around the lips to achieve the shape and volume you desire.


  • Rebecca will give you the detailed after-care advice that’s relevant to your individual treatment programme. The information you’ll receive will include when you can resume strenuous exercise, regular medications, any laser treatments, as well as when you can drink alcohol, and wear make up again.

  • Although only 48 hours downtime is advised, lip fillers may take up to 4 weeks to settle. Rebecca will discuss with you how to take care of them until you can resume your normal activities.

  • Rebecca will use ultra-fine needles for the treatment and apply anaesthetic cream beforehand. This is to ensure the targeted areas are numb before you receive the injections. You should remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

  • The results should last for between 6 and 12 months, but you can retain your new look by booking a top up appointment as soon as the results begin to fade.

  • During lip enhancement treatment, hyaluronic acid gels are injected into and around the lips. Under the skin this hyaluronic acid soaks up water, creating volume, and effectively resculpting your lips. This additional lip volume will be visible immediately.

  • The results of lip enhancement treatment will be visible straight away. However, you may need to wait for any minor side-effects, such as redness, bruising, or swelling to subside before you can appreciate your new look completely.

I enjoyed every minute of my visit. Rebecca is very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions about various treatments with patience and friendly smile.”


Larger luscious lips are highly desirable, but it’s important to remember that different clinics offer widely varying quality in their products. Rebecca Taylor’s lip enhancement uses only trusted premium filler products, delivered by an experienced medical professional. For predictably successful results, please get in touch.