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Revolutionary Profhilo treatment

Profhilo has won awards for its natural looking, anti-aging qualities. If ageing, sagging skin tissues around the face or neck has caused you to lose confidence in your appearance, come and ask us about Profhilo.

It works in a similar way to dermal fillers, but due to an increased concentration of hyaluronic acid, you can expect even more impressive results. For skin that looks plumper, more hydrated, lifted, tightened, and ultimately more youthful, Profhilo is an effective solution.

It’s likely that you’ll need a couple of treatments, one month apart. Each treatment should last for approximately 30 minutes.

Allow yourself 24 hours of downtime to get over the treatment, and for any minor side-effects to subside.

Similar to dermal fillers, the results of Profhilo last for 6 to 12 months.

5 injections will be delivered into either side of the face and 10 will be made into the neck. These injections shouldn’t be painful, but an anaesthetic numbing cream can be applied beforehand to ensure you’re comfortable throughout.

Profhilo treatment carries only minor risks as a common occurrence. These are the usual swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection sites. More serious risks are extremely rare.

When you meet us face-to-face, our nurse prescriber practitioner, Rebecca Taylor, will advise you of what you can and can’t do immediately following the procedure. She will give you tips on how to best look after your skin, until any minor side-effects have subsided.

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Profhilo improves skin hydration, tone and texture, giving your cheeks the plumper, firmer skin of your youth. It’s the ideal solution for ageing skin that has been experiencing reduced collagen levels. It provides a natural-looking refreshed appearance.


Annoyingly, our necks often give our real age away. Profhilo tightens up any skin laxity and sagging in the neck, whilst at the same time lifting it. Following treatment, your neck will look more youthful. It can also be used a little lower; in the décolleté region.

Hands and knees

Perhaps it’s your hands and knees that you feel most give away your age. This may effect your outfit choices. Profhilo can make these parts of your body look more youthful and disguise your age.


  • Unlike dermal fillers, Profhilo does not offer facial contouring, or resculpting. Instead, it improves the appearance of your skin. Tired, thinning, ageing, dry skin, that may be experiencing laxity in places, will be transformed. Following treatment, your face and neck should look hydrated, refreshed, and tightened, with even tone and texture.

  • Profhilo treatment is at least as safe as dermal fillers, And they have an excellent safety record. This is because Profhilo is made from hyaluronic acid, A substance that occurs naturally in the body. Your skin shouldn’t reject it. Allergic reactions are almost impossible.

  • Two treatments a month apart is recommended for optimal profile results. During the weeks in between the treatments, Profhilo will be stimulating higher levels of collagen and elastin.

  • Your peak results will be visible a little while after the second treatment, or approximately two months after the first treatment. However, you will start to notice some results one month after the first treatment.

  • Your results should last for up to 5 months, but you can maintain your new look for as long as you wish, simply by booking top up treatments when needed.

  • Profhilo involves a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid being injected into your skin. Unlike fillers, once under the skin surface, it spreads. It’s also more efficient at boosting collagen levels.

I enjoyed every minute of my visit. Rebecca is very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions about various treatments with patience and friendly smile.”


Marketed as the acceptable injectable, Profhilo is part of a new generation of anti-ageing treatments that has benefitted from recent scientific advancements. It’s still hyaluronic acid, but not as we know it and its results are fantastic. Get in touch to find out what Profhilo could do for your appearance.