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Hyperhidrosis treatment

Hyperhidrosis is the medical name for excess sweating. If you find you’re sweating excessively when the room isn’t too hot and you’re not doing exercise, you may be suffering from the medical condition hyperhidrosis. This is when an above-average amount of sweat is being produced by your sweat glands for no good reason. It can be an embarrassing problem.

Expert Botox treatment is highly effective, non-invasive, safe, and potentially life-enhancing. Botox administered into relevant areas of the body will stop sweat production by sending a chemical-blocking signal to the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands.

Hyperhidrosis treatment sessions usually last around 20 minutes. During your consultation with us, you’ll be advised how many sessions will be needed to shut down the sweat glands completely, and the results you can expect.

Although there may be some bruising at the injection site in the days afterwards, you should be able to resume all your normal daily activities immediately after treatment. At most, you may wish to allow for 24 hours of downtime.

You may notice the initial results of your treatment 2-3 days afterwards, but optimal results should be expected approximately 14 days after treatment. Sweat production may be halted for up to 4-6 months. Top-up treatments can be administered by our Newmarket team to ensure your hyperhidrosis doesn’t return.

Botox is Botulinum Toxin; a muscle relaxant, which is administered via injection into the relevant parts of the body by Rebecca, our highly experienced nurse-practitioner and prescriber. Local anaesthetic cream may be applied to the injection site beforehand.

Botox has an excellent safety record and complications are extremely rare. Swelling or bruising at the injection site are common side effects, but they recede very quickly.

We advise that you avoid strenuous exercise or extreme heat for 48 hours. Other tips may be given immediately following treatment, and for the best possible results, a 2 week follow-up appointment may be necessary.

treatment areas

Underarm area

The underarm area is the most commonly treated part of the body. Administering Botox here can greatly reduce the body’s sweat production levels.


Having a permanently wet, or clammy, hand is a common complaint of sufferers of excess sweating. Botox can be administered into the hands to stop this.


Botox will remove the permanent sheen on the face caused by excess sweating, giving you a drier facial appearance.


  • Botox, for the condition of excessive sweating, has been approved by the FDA for many years. Additionally, the International Hyperhidrosis Society highly recommends Botox treatment to help sufferers. Botox itself has an excellent safety record.

  • Botox treatment is suitable for most people, although if you’re pregnant, or breastfeeding you may need to wait. Your suitability for the treatment will be assessed when you visit us for your initial consultation.

  • We want to help prevent your excessive sweating condition from returning. With your permission, we’ll send you a reminder to get in touch when your top-up treatment is due.

  • Applying Botox to the underarm area gives the best results, but stopping sweat production on the hands, face, feet, groin and chest areas are also possible. Rebecca will be able to discuss your options with you when you have your consultation.

  • The Botox is administered using ultra-fine needles and shouldn’t hurt. A local anaesthetic cream can be applied to the injection site beforehand to make you more comfortable.

  • According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, Botox is believed to reduce sweat production by 82-87%.

I enjoyed every minute of my visit. Rebecca is very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions about various treatments with patience and a friendly smile.”


If you’re fed up of suffering from excess sweating, and all the anxiety associated with it, why not visit us for a consultation. We can give you a good idea of how dramatically your life can be improved thanks to Botox treatment.