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Confidential, expert cosmetic advice

Does it seem like everyone else knows what they’re doing when it comes to booking their beauty appointments? We’d like to let you into a secret. The cosmetic industry moves fast. Aesthetic technologies are changing all the time. The only people who really know what’s going to best correct, enhance, or rejuvenate your skin are the experienced and skilled medical professionals like Rebecca. That’s why regular consultations with Rebecca to discuss your skincare journey is the best way to keep yourself informed of how you can continue to look your very best.

When you visit us for your consultation, you’ll discuss your aesthetic goals with Rebecca, so that she can provide you with valuable, informed advice of what options are available to you to remove blemishes, wrinkles, skin conditions, and any other cosmetic worries. Half an hour with Rebecca can help you feel much more confident about your future appearance.

FAQS ABOUT Your Consultation & Journey

  • You will need an initial consultation, to formulate your treatment plan. We then recommend having a ‘Check in’ consultation to update this plan every 6 months. However you don’t require a consultation before every treatment. We’ll need to examine your skin, assess your beauty goals, and create an optimal treatment plan that will be unique to you. If you’re between treatments, or treatment sessions, we’ll need to check that you’re happy with the results you received, before we re-administer. A key advantage of temporary, non-invasive treatments is that you’re in control. We can tweak what we do, to ensure you get the results you want.

  • We all age in our own unique way, which is why we offer such a large range of cosmetic treatments. It certainly isn’t the case that the same treatment will be appropriate for everyone. Rebecca has been advising individuals on which treatment are most likely to suit them for many years. She will know how to soften and hydrate your skin in just the right areas to make the years fall away and give you a more rested look, with a clearer skin tone and texture.

  • The consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss your beauty goals with Rebecca and ask any questions you may have about the treatments she recommends. You’ll get a good idea of how you’ll look following the treatment, and gain an understanding of how often you’ll need to have top-up treatments to maintain your new look.

  • Yes. We will not share what you’ve told us with anyone else, except for technicians who will be helping with your treatment, and only then – with your consent.

  • We offer a range of premium skincare products, including our own brand, to correct and enhance from the comfort of your own home. The consultation will help Rebecca; a professional nurse-prescriber, to select the best options for you.

  • During your consultation, Rebecca will try to determine whether the treatments you’re discussing are right for you. You’ll be advised of common side effects (if they’re relevant to you), which often include bruising or swelling for a couple of days, as well what to do in the very rare occurrence that you have a more pronounced reaction. You will be given careful aftercare guidance for each treatment you have – to ensure you remain safe and healthy, with your optimal treatment results in tact.

I enjoyed every minute of my visit. Rebecca is very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions about various treatments with patience and friendly smile.”


Interested in our skin clinic, please get in touch to make an appointment. We’ll arrange a consultation to assess your skin and decide together which treatment might suit you best.