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Profhilo treatment uses hyaluronic acid to transform your skin from the inside out. An alternative to injectables like Botox and dermal fillers, Profhilo is more of a skin remodelling treatment, targeting several areas of the skin but only taking minutes to start its magic.

Here at our skin clinic serving Suffolk, our experts carry out Profhilo treatment regularly, helping our clients feel more comfortable in their skin and enjoy some fantastic, longer-term results. Here are five benefits of treatment, to help you decide whether this popular and highly effective treatment is right for you.


1. Improve skin’s texture

Is your skin uneven? Have you suffered from acne or spots in the past? Do you have fine lines and wrinkles? Profhilo can help reduce the appearance of all of these skin concerns while increasing firmness for a more taut appearance.


2. Boost hydration

Profhilo is well-known for helping enhance moisture in the skin. This helps address the balance of collagen and elastin, key skin proteins that decline with age and help skin retain that gorgeous natural ‘bounce’.


3. Create radiance

Profilo can give skin a stunning, dewy, luminous glow, combatting a tired expression or dull, lacklustre skin that’s lost its shine. After your treatment, your skin could look younger and healthier than before.


4. Target several locations

As well as the face, Profhilo can rejuvenate areas like the neck, decollete and even the hands. But, the face is usually the go-to area, as it’s the first thing most people notice about you (and the first thing you see in the mirror!).


5. Low pain, little downtime

Most of our clients find Prohilo relaxing and comfortable and don’t report any pain or discomfort. The skin may feel a little tender afterwards, but with sun protection and some easy aftercare steps, it’ll return to normal within a few days. In other words? No need to book precious time off work!


More details about profhilo facials

  • First, you’ll attend a consultation here at our sin clinic serving Suffolk.
  • Next, we’ll book your recommended treatments. We’ll also advise on pre-care to maximise results.
  • Finally, we’ll finish with aftercare advice, and any follow-up or repeat treatments, as needed (and depending on your choice of procedure).


Ready to book your profhilo facial?

If you’re ready to go ahead and book, get in touch with our dedicated team here near Suffolk today.