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Our Suffolk skin clinic is no stranger to injectables. And we’re huge fans of these procedures, too – from speedy treatments to instant results. In this post, we share 5 things we love about our dermal fillers.


1. Affordable

Fillers are much more affordable than other cosmetic treatments, and in the case of dermal fillers, your results could last up to a year. That’s a pretty significant investment for a few injections here and there!

Compare the cost of dermal fillers to surgery, too – a few hundred, compared to several thousand – and it’s easy to see why so many people opt for facial aesthetics.


2. Corrective

Dermal fillers aren’t just about targeting lines and wrinkles. They can also lift areas of the face that may be sagging due to age, help shape and contour your features to add symmetry and hydrate the skin to combat dullness and dryness, thanks to their skin-loving hyaluronic acid-base. Whatever your imperfection, you can trust in our treatments.


3. Multi-use

As well as having countless applications, dermal fillers can also be used in different areas. For example, in the lips, they can shape and define, while adding volume – which helps to reverse the appearance of thin lips, balance out your features and enhance your pout in a way that still looks natural and beautiful.  They can also be used in the hands to plump the area, where the skin naturally things over time, and avoid unsightly veins and tendons from showing.


4. Zero downtime

Our clients love our dermal fillers because they can jump back to work and social activities immediately afterwards – which means there’s no need to block out a chunk of your diary! Compare this to the weeks you need after surgery (and all the bandages and aftercare that come with it). Aside from a few changes such as ensuring your skin has adequate sun protection, checking your alcohol intake and easing back into the gym slowly, there’s nothing significant you’ll need to alter about your lifestyle following dermal fillers.


5. Easy to book

We’ve made our process simple, fast and easy because we know how important your time is to you. We’ll always see our clients for a quick consultation before treatment, as it’s key that you’re making the right decision for your skin, and then we’ll happily secure your appointment for the procedure to go ahead.

If you’re ready to start your fillers journey, why not get in touch with our Suffolk skin clinic today? We’ll work with you to find a time that suits you and will work our hardest to give you gorgeous results, whether it’s your first treatment with us, or your tenth!

 Get in touch with our expert team here at our Suffolk skin clinic to find out how we could help you today or simply book online.