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For years, we’ve used the groundbreaking CryoPen device to treat our clients’ skin here in Suffolk. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on this incredible treatment, its benefits and uses, and other things you can try to achieve your best skin yet. Read on to find out more about CryoPen in our blog.


What is the CryoPen?

It’s a special hand-held device that targets and treats skin imperfections. Safe and fully tested, it uses liquid nitrogen to ‘freeze’ targeted cells, and combat concerns such as skin tags, age spots, warts and verrucas, milia and cherry angiomas.

What’s the science behind CryoPen?

CryoPen causes the treated cells to ‘crystallise’ with ice, rupturing the surrounding membrane (a kind of skin or barrier). This acts to destroy the cell. However, the treatment is incredibly targeted and there’s no risk of damaging the surrounding tissue.


Who is the CryoPen treatment recommended for?

Only a consultation will determine whether treatment is suitable, but generally speaking, most adults are able to undergo the procedure. We don’t recommend it for those with skin cancer, and there may be other exceptions to treatment.

skin tags, age spots, warts and verrucas, milia and cherry angiomas

How do I care for my skin after treatment?

Keep the area clean and dry, avoiding scratching or picking at any scabs that may form. Use sun protection while outdoors, stay hydrated and be sure to book a follow-up treatment if you’re not seeing the results you expect – some lesions may need a few sessions.

What else do I need to know about treatment?

CryoPen treatment is non-invasive and low-risk, but side-effects can occur. These are usually temporary and may include blistering or numbness as the skin heals and regenerates. The treatment itself isn’t considered painful. If a blister does form, keep it clean, cover it and contact us if it doesn’t heal on its own.

How else can I treat my skin?

Always wear sun protection, invest in a good skincare routine and be sure to contact our skin clinic if you’d like help, advice or treatment recommendations about a skin lesion or other concern. Our team is always happy to help.

What’s my next step?

If you’ve got a skin lesion or imperfection that you think could benefit from our CryoPen treatment, get in touch or book online with Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics in Newmarket, Suffolk today. We’ll book you in for a personal consultation where you can get to know us better, ask any questions and familiarise yourself with treatment – all while getting your personal skin treatment recommendations from our Suffolk skin experts.