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Interested in microneedling? Or are you a previous client of ours wanting to book another treatment, and looking to revisit the process and benefits? Whatever the reason you’re here today, we have the answers you need on our blog. And, with experts ready to help, you can put your trust in us.

A quick summary of Microneedling

First, let’s explain what the procedure is. At Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics in Suffolk, microneedling involves using a specialist device to encourage the skin to resurface and renew. There are two types of microneedling offered at Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics. The first is the SkinPen, which gently rolls tiny needles over the skin onto the skin, causing tiny micro-injuries. These encourage the skin to produce collagen – targeting a multitude of skin concerns. The second type of microneedling in Suffolk is the INTRAcell Pro Fractional RF, which is the same principle as the SkinPen, however, it integrates deep radiofrequency to increase the skin’s vitality and decrease the impression of scarring.

Benefits of treatment

Microneedling has so many benefits – like refining the skin’s texture and appearance for evenness, smoothness and radiance. From sun damage and scarring, to stretch marks, there are lots of benefits to undergoing the procedure.

Woman getting Microneedling

Microneedling process

There are three steps to microneedling treatment here at our Suffolk skin clinic. First, we’ll arrange a consultation to get to know your skin concerns, talk through the treatment and assess your skin. It’s a great way to get comfortable and familiar with our clinic, skin experts and what’s involved in the procedure.

Next, the day of treatment! We’ll use numbing agents to prep your skin and prevent discomfort. We’ll also advise you on things to avoid pre-and post-treatment, like UV light and heat treatments on your skin. Finally, we’ll talk to you about whether you need a course of treatments and get these planned for you.

After that, you’re free to enjoy your skin’s natural rejuvenation – and the incredible results of microneedling.

Microneedling Side-effects

In some cases, our lovely clients experience very mild side effects after a microneedling treatment. These can include:

  •  Skin sensitivity – which is why sun protection is so important after treatment
  •  Redness – so do avoid make-up in the first couple of days, if you can
  •  Swelling – a cold compress can help combat this
  •  Tenderness – avoid touching the treated areas, and always wash your hands before touching the skin

If you’re at all concerned, get in touch with our Suffolk skin clinic and we’ll advise you on the next steps. It might be that we can recommend pain relief to ease any discomfort, or we may ask for you to pop in to see how you’re getting on.

Book your treatment

Have we managed to sway you towards microneedling treatment? Get in touch with our Suffolk skin clinic today and see what SkinPen or INTRAcel can do for your skin.