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Interested in cryotherapy, but want to know more about it? Here in Suffolk, we’re experts in this treatment and today, we’re sharing a bit more about it. We hope to help our clients feel happy and confident about their


What is cryotherapy?

As the name suggests, it’s a type of therapy that uses freezing as a treatment. At Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics, based in Suffolk, we use the CryoPen, which uses nitrous oxide to treat benign (non-cancerous) skin imperfections. The result? Smooth and healthy skin.


What does cryotherapy treat?

It’s used for everything from skin tags, milia and warts or verrucas to age spots. Best of all, it’s an accurate treatment that doesn’t harm the surrounding skin but is successful at freezing and destroying targeted cells. This means there’s a very low chance of damaging any tissues outside the treatment area.


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Why have cryotherapy?

Your skin imperfections might not seem much to others but can affect your confidence and appearance. We think everyone should feel happy and comfortable in their skin, and many of our treatments are designed with that in mind. In addition, cryotherapy, using the CryoPen, is quick and effective, and without the need for any surgery or anaesthetic.

Is there any downtime?

Many people experience redness, tenderness and inflammation, but other side effects are uncommon. There shouldn’t be downtime required – most people can get right back to their usual activities. However, the area may blister and scab before revealing the healthy, healed skin beneath.

What happens during treatment?

Our treatments are tailored to our clients. During your consultation, we’ll assess your skin type, tone, texture and lesions. Then we’ll advise whether treatment is suitable. Some clients need a course of treatment to achieve their desired results.

Why Rebecca Taylor?

Rebecca Taylor is a Registered Nurse and Independent Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber. She’s passionate about preventative medicine and ageing well. Her background combines nursing, cosmetic medicine and aesthetics. She’s also a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and a Registered Practitioner with the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group. With her experience and passion for her art, you couldn’t be in safer hands for your treatment.

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