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None of us are strangers to tired eyes. Whether we’ve been working too hard, not sleeping enough, or socialising until the early hours, dark circles and under-eye hollows develop to confess all our sleepy secrets. However, tired eyes brought on from actually being tired are often temporary and easy to remedy – a good night’s sleep would usually do the job. Eye bags and dark circles are present regardless of how well-rested we develop through our genetic predisposition and ageing skin, so unfortunately getting an early night’s sleep will not suffice. Tired eyes and under-eye hollows prematurely age us, but could dermal fillers hold the key to unlocking more vibrant-looking eyes?

Why eye bags occur

Under-eye hollows or dark circles occur in the tear troughs because of how naturally thin the skin is. As we age, we lose proteins vital to our skin’s elasticity such as collagen and of course, elastin. This leads the skin to become thinner and less resilient, the skin resting on bone structure instead of being supported by its fibres. This means our tear troughs can take on a hollower appearance because of how his thinning skin sits on our eye sockets and cheekbones. Also, this area can appear darker because the thinning skin shows the facial muscles and blood vessels through it, giving the area a purple glint. If the concealers and cucumber slices are just not cutting it, Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics in Newmarket may be able to help.

Tear through dermal fillers for tired eyes

Tear trough fillers, an advanced injecting technique, are an effective solution to minimising the appearance of tired eyes. What this treatment does is place dermal fillers very carefully beneath the thinning skin of your under-eye hollows. The targeted injections help to widen your eyes and minimise the appearance of sunken, sad, or hollow eyes and help them to appear brighter and more awake. The filler sits directly under your skin to literally ‘fill’ this thinning skin, lessening the hollow skin by giving it a little more structure and volume. Placing this treatment between the two barriers of the surface skin and the dark muscles will inevitably lessen the dark appearance of the troughs, helping your eyes appear brighter and more open.

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