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Have a burning question about laser hair removal? Interested in laser hair removal treatment? Or simply want smoother, hair-free skin for a confidence boost or holiday look? Whatever you need, our Suffolk aesthetic clinic can help. With a range of fantastic treatments designed to make you look and feel fabulous, there are lots you can do to enhance your appearance and unleash your confidence. Today, we’re all about laser hair removal. Read on to find out more and get answers to common questions.


So, why have laser hair removal?

The treatment gives you smoother-looking skin, reduces the hair in the targeted area and can prevent regrowth. Both men and women opt for treatment, though usually on different areas of the body and for slightly different reasons!


How does laser hair removal treatment work?

A powerful laser heats the hair follicle until it breaks down, leaving the body to reabsorb the material. Because hair grows in cycles, you won’t ‘catch’ them all in one session. You’ll need to repeat the laser hair removal treatment a few times for the best results.


Is laser hair removal permanent?

Provided the follicle of the hair is destroyed, yes. If it’s merely damaged or hasn’t been targeted (due to the hair growth cycle), regrowth may occur. Bear in mind that people’s hair grows at different speeds and thicknesses.

Will I need touch-ups in the future?

This is something we’d advise on based on your concerns and what regrowth has occurred in the time since your last session. Those who do see more growth typically see thinner hairs than before.

Is treatment worth it?

Absolutely. Laser hair removal is a lower-pain (and more cost-effective) alternative to repeat waxing, shaving, threading and other kinds of hair removal treatments. It’s why we highly recommend it to our clients here in Suffolk.

How do I book an appointment?

You’ll find all the details for our Suffolk skin clinic on our contact page. We’ll arrange a consultation, discuss your concerns and help you feel comfortable with our clinic, team and treatment. Then, we’ll book in your session (or dive straight in, if possible!). You’ll feel completely at ease in our professional yet comfortable surroundings, and we’ll work hard to create results you’ll love. As mentioned, repeat sessions are needed for best results, and we’ll discuss these with you during the consultation stage of your treatment. Now all that’s left to do is get in touch!