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Looking and feeling your best should be something everyone experiences – after all, when you’re confident about your appearance, it shines through into other areas of your life, too.

At Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics, an aesthetics clinic based in Suffolk, we know the value of looking great in your skin. That’s why we offer the latest medi facial treatments to our clients – so they feel as fantastic as they deserve. Read more about them and how they could benefit you.


What are medi facials?

Think of them as being as luxurious as a facial, but powered by science to create real results you can see. It’s your facial, but elevated: a way to address various skin concerns in a bespoke, medically-enhanced way.


How long do medi facials last?

Results typically last around 2-4 weeks, depending on the treatment you’ve chosen, and individual factors like your skin type, age and concerns. You can prolong the effects with repeat treatments.


What can medi facials treat?

It depends on the individual, but common reasons for treatment include:

  • Addressing dull, tired skin with some much-needed radiance and luminosity
  • A complexion that appears sullen or lacking in that healthy glow and clarity
  • Dehydrated skin that needs moisture and nourishment
  • Aged skin that may have textural concerns or be lacking in tone and firmness


What happens during a medi facial?

Providing treatment is a good fit, you’ll need to attend your session fresh-faced and without make-up. You’ll then undergo treatment: 30 minutes for our Express treatment, 45 minutes for our Signature one and 1 hour for Advanced. Our longer treatments have added benefits, like the lymphatic drainage and Dermalux LED therapy of our Signature treatment, or the Radio Frequency Skin Tightening offered by our Advanced one.


Are there risks with medi facials?

If there are any areas of concern, we’ll address these with you prior to treatment. Most clients don’t experience any downtime, but there may be slight redness after our Advanced treatment due to the skin tightening element. Aside from keeping make-up free for the day and wearing sun protection on your skin, there’s little you need to do to care for your skin afterwards.


What else do I need to know?

Here in Suffolk, we want to help you achieve your dream results. Get in touch with our experts to book a no-obligation skin consultation at our aesthetics clinic today or simply book online.