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Chemical peels are a fantastic way to improve your skin. They can be used to correct or combat skin concerns, as well as enhance your skin quality and even target ageing. Treatment is safe, effective and long-lasting.

How will my skin benefit?

Skin peels can benefit your skin in lots of ways:

  • Clarity: achieve clearer, more balanced skin for a rejuvenated appearance, and reduce blackheads, clogged pores and acne scarring
  • Luminosity: brighten skin and reduce dullness, giving it a radiant look
  • Surfacing: exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal the fresher, smoother and younger skin beneath
  • Ageing: create a more youthful appearance by diminishing lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage, as well as age spots and pigmentation

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Where can I have a skin peel?

Chemical peels are used primarily on the face, but it might be possible to have them elsewhere on the body. Just ask us at your consultation. It may be that one of our other treatments is recommended for your concern.


How many peels will I need?

You’ll likely need a course of 4-6 peels to achieve the best results, but most of our clients see results even from their first treatment. That’s because in the first week following the procedure, the uppermost layer of skin will being to gently peeled away. This means that chemical peels can produce results faster than other anti-ageing treatments, such as anti-wrinkle injections.


What’s treatment like?

A chemical peel can be a relaxing experience, and most people don’t experience any pain – though you may have a tingling sensation as it works its magic. After the procedure, skin peels can cause some sensitivity, redness and tenderness, and we do advise closely following our aftercare guidance.


What should I bear in mind for aftercare?

We give all our clients in-depth aftercare advice when signing up for treatment, however, there are a few main things we’ll advise. The first is to generally avoid products on the skin in the first few days, since it may feel sensitive or tight. We also recommend wearing sun protection to take care of the new young skin emerging.


How long do chemical peel results last?

You can expect results to last anywhere from 2-6 months, depending on your peel, and provide you with follow our aftercare and the recommended number of sessions.


How do I book a chemical peel?

Just talk to our friendly team serving Suffolk and the surrounding areas or simply book online. We can’t wait to have you!