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A chemical peel is a transformative skin treatment that exfoliates the top layer of your skin and helps to purge blemishes from your pores. They come in different strengths to challenge different skin conditions. However, after planning on having the chemical peel treatment, one must understand that aftercare is one of the key factors in maintaining the treatment’s effects. Because they’re a little more aggressive than regular skincare treatments we have produced a step-by-step guide for looking after your skin post-skin peel.

Sun protection

One of the most important steps in your chemical peel aftercare, it’s essential from the moment you leave the skin clinic up until 7 days post peel that you wear broad spectrum sun protection whenever exposed to the sun. This is due to your skin being very vulnerable and it could become severely irritated and uncomfortable if the sun’s UV rays have an impact on it. Even with your dead skin cells the new skin beneath will need protection from the sun and protection from burning or pigmentation irregularities.

Leaving your skin alone

Yes, although this may be frustrating it is important to avoid touching your skin. As your body works to shed the dead skin cells away by the chemical peel, it will certainly produce flakes of dry skin. This may begin as skin that appears to look like it needs some moisturiser and progress to browning flakes on the surface of the skin. Itchy sensations or the feeling of tightness may occur but try and resist the urge of picking at it. It’s always best to let your body naturally shed this skin because if it hasn’t then it means some of that skin is still alive and will therefore cause stinging and opens up the possibility that the skin beneath isn’t ready to come to the surface just yet. If you do pick at it, you could be revealing sore and red skin beneath that could heal into hyperpigmentation.

Softer products for your skincare routine

Be sure to take a break from using exfoliating skin scrubs in your skincare routine as your skin is already in the process of shedding after a heavy exfoliation from your chemical peel. Those with acne-prone skin typically use strong face washes and cleansers that contain high concentrations of acid and alcohol in them. You should take a break from these as they will serve to simply irritate your skin more rather than wash it. For now, all you’ll need is a light daily cleanser that is alcohol-free and non-perfumed to perform basic-level cleansing. Moisturiser is completely fine and is a recommended product to keep using, and this might even help alleviate some of the itchiness.

Minimal makeup

For at least the first 24 hours after your chemical peel treatment, refrain from wearing any form of makeup. It would be beneficial to avoid items like foundation and concealer for the first week, though you don’t necessarily have to. Your chemical peel helps to draw out imperfections and rid your skin of oils, so applying makeup and chemicals on top of healing skin will affect the quality of your results as they develop.


Wanting to find out more about chemical peels?

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