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Botox and dermal fillers are terms we’ve all heard before and what we do know is that they’re injectable treatments for the face and occasionally the body, but there are many differences between the two treatments. If you’re wanting to know what both do and where you can get Botox or dermal fillers done in Suffolk, simply read below as we uncover the differences between both treatments.

What they’re made from

The differences begin with what both substances are made from. Botox is made from a regulated and FDA-approved medical toxin that is only available through prescription and is then injected as a liquid. Dermal fillers however are a gel-like substance that contains something called hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring skin protein used for skin hydration and laxity.

How they function

Both of these treatments work in different ways in the skin and face. Dermal fillers for example, are a gel that is placed within the skin’s soft tissue. They don’t migrate from the area and work to immediately plump and restructure the treated area. They add volume to regions of the face to alter its appearance. Botox on the other hand is injected not into your skin, but directly into your muscle. The toxin is injected into your muscle to prevent any contractions in an aggressive manner limiting its animation and preventing the muscles from creating any creasing in the skin during expression.

Where they treat

Dermal fillers are very popular in areas such as lips, cheeks and the jawline due to dermal fillers being used in the soft tissue. They can also be placed to lift certain areas that have thinned over time and are creating facial folds, such as nose-to-mouth lines or marionette lines. Botox is used in expressive areas of the face to limit wrinkles and fine lines, so the main treatment areas include places like crow’s feet, laughter lines, between the eyebrows, forehead lines and frown lines.

Who performs the treatments?

With cosmetic surgery constantly in the limelight and receiving a plethora of negative and positive reviews, it’s important to approach a practice that can ensure you that a medical professional will be the one orchestrating the treatment. Botox uses Botulinum Toxin A, a substance that is only available through prescription and can only be performed by medically trained professionals and independent prescribers. Dermal fillers on the other hand are a non-prescription treatment due to the components they use, which means that technically anyone can perform them, but it is very unsafe to receive treatment from a non-medical professional. Your risks increase and your safety and ultimately the results are compromised when you visit a non-medical professional. Regardless of whether you are considering dermal filler or Botox, you should always seek a medical professional or independent prescriber for your treatments.

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