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One of the advantages of getting older (I’m nearly 50 – how did that happen?) is that you learn to know your face. You understand what make-up looks good, the best angles for photographs, what hairstyles suit you and how to make the most of your features. I’ve learned to appreciate my face after all these years. Having said that, I was noticing that I looked permanently tired and a bit cross. My skin was looking flat and pallid, with no glow or plumpness, and my eyes seemed to be sinking deeper into my head, leaving dark rings that no concealer could conquer. My forehead was perpetually furrowed, making me look stern. I looked like I had a bad hangover every day.

It was time to do something about it. I was tired of looking tired. After lots of research, I found Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics and after consultation with Rebecca, I took the plunge with Profhilo, Botox and tear trough fillers (not all at the same time, but over two sessions).

Of all the treatments, Botox is by far the quickest and easiest. The needle is so tiny you can barely feel it and in minutes the treatment is done. Over the next week or so, I looked less ‘frowny’ and joy of joys, my eyebrows have a slightly more pronounced arch, subtly lifting and opening my eyes. Rebecca believes ‘less is more, and the results are noticeable but not excessive, avoiding a frozen-faced look.

I have Profhilo in my face and neck, and again, Rebecca administers it with care and precision. It doesn’t hurt, but the injections in my chin sting a little. However, the results make any discomfort worthwhile. My skin looks bouncier and smoother. It looks like I’ve slept well, drunk loads of water and had a perfect diet for a month. The initial results are fab, but after a few weeks, as the treatment stimulates collagen production, my skin looks lifted and firmer too.  And, unexpectedly, patches of dry skin and eczema that I can’t shift disappear. I’m hooked. I know when I’m due to a top-up because the eczema returns and my skin loses its glow. 

Finally, my dark circles need addressing. I’ve always had deep-set eyes, but with ageing, the shadows seem deeper and harder to cover up. Even after a good night’s sleep, I look tired. Though I was keen to do something about this, I was anxious about needles near my eyes and assumed it would feel very sore and probably leave bruising for a few days. Rebecca dabbed anaesthetic cream to numb the area, and though I could feel a light pressure, I had no idea she’d inserted a canula. A minute or two later it was done. I could barely believe it. No pain and absolutely no bruising…but best of all, the most dramatic result of all the treatments! My eyes were no longer ringed with shadows, and the tired look had vanished. The next day, I barely needed any concealer for the shadows, and I’m convinced my under-eye wrinkles look less pronounced too.

Results for these treatments last from several months to up to a year, but I can tell immediately when I need to see Rebecca again.  As far as I’m concerned I’d rather spend less on fancy creams and serums and invest my money in treatments that produce reliable and noticeable results. I feel in safe hands with Rebecca, who is a skilled and sensitive practitioner and listens carefully to her client’s concerns. I have a face that looks well-rested, and I don’t look so frowny, tired and cross. How great is that?

– Charlotte Brown, December 2020