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Are you thinking about getting a facial treatment? At our skin clinic in Newmarket, Suffolk, one of our star treatments is the Envy Facial. It targets ageing, skin damage and congestion in the skin to refresh and rejuvenate effectively. Find out more about it, how to care for your skin before and after treatment, and our clinic Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics.

Why Have a Facial?

Our facials are not about massaging cream into your face. They’re powerful treatments that target real concerns, including:

  • Congestion, pores and spots (think acne and blackheads)
  • Uneven skin tone and  dullness
  • Poor skin texture
  • Lines, wrinkles and general skin ageing

In other words, you can look forward to improved skin health and function.

What Happens During an Envy Facial?

You’ll have your skin stripped of damaged cells, before cleansing away impurities and then hydrating and restoring radiance to your complexion through special serums. Though it may sound intensive – and it is – the treatment is safe and should only take around 40 minutes.

How An Envy Facial Works

How Do I Prepare For an Envy Facial?

It depends on which one you choose – and we’d advise you about this during your consultation in our Suffolk aesthetic clinic. But some general tips would be:

  • Minimise sun exposure and tanning beds
  • Keep skin hydrated
  • Avoid other facial treatments ahead of your appointment
  • Talk to us about any medication you use and skin products
  • Allow plenty of time for results to develop, if your facial is for a big event

How Do I Care For My Skin After an Envy Facial?

Again, we’ll give you some specific recommendations for this. But, more generally:

  • Never pick, scratch or rub the treated skin
  • Avoid make-up and skincare products for the following few days
  • Wear sun protection outdoors
  • Avoid heat treatments (e.g. spa or sauna)
  • Exercise gently for a few days after treatment
  • Don’t wax, laser or have any other treatments in the area until your skin has healed

Is an Envy Facial Painful?

No. It’s not considered a painful experience, so you won’t need any numbing cream or anaesthetic. You may experience some sensitivity and tenderness after treatment, but this usually passes within a day or two. The procedure isn’t considered risky, either.

What Can I Expect From My Results?

Most people see results for 2-3 weeks, with repeat treatments needed to prolong the effects. However, everyone is different.

How Do I Book an Envy Facial?

Simply get in touch with Rebecca Taylor Aesthetic in Newmarket, Suffolk or book online, and we’ll take care of the rest!