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Is your skin appearing lax? Are lines and wrinkles taking their toll? Are you lacking in confidence, and looking and feeling older than your age? Then an aesthetic treatment like Profhilo is a great choice for long-lasting, non-permanent skin rejuvenation.

Yes, that’s right – today we’re highlighting our Profhilo treatment, also known as ‘bio-remodelling’ thanks to its incredible effects and properties. Read on to find out 5 facts you need to know about Profhilo treatment.

Graphic displaying the benefits of Profhilo at Rebecca Taylor Aesthetics

1. It’s a revolution in skin remodelling

Profhilo is a skin treatment that helps to rejuvenate, moisturise and activate the skin. Treatment helps to trigger the production of key skin proteins, elastin and collagen, which can improve firmness, texture and elasticity. In other words, you can look forward to tighter, more lifted skin.


2. It’s powerful and precise

Profhilo uses injections of ultra-pure hyaluronic acid to pull water deep within the skin for a super-hydrating effect. This helps to iron out creases in the skin; add firmness and boost texture; and even helps the skin to appear more radiant, with a glow that looks youthful, natural and healthy.


3. It’s a versatile skin solution

While the face is the main area of treatment for Profhilo, injections can be carried out all over the body – think arms, knees, hands, neck and even the delicate décolleté area. In other words, you can enjoy almost top-to-toe rejuvenation, and thanks to the treatment’s stimulating effect, results can continue to blossom over time.


4. It’s long-lasting, low-downtime

Many of our clients here in Suffolk enjoy results for several months. They love how Profhilo has so few drawbacks and side effects, with little to no downtime expected. Many people can return to work shortly after treatment.


5. It’s a fantastic injectable alternative

Where many people are quick to reach for fillers or wrinkle relaxers, Profhilo could be a better option – or even combined with other treatments for maximum results. Whatever your aesthetic treatments of choice, do ask for a consultation ahead of booking to ensure you make the right choice for you and achieve the best possible results.


Talk to our Suffolk team about Profhilo treatment

Here in sunny Suffolk, we’d love to help you achieve gorgeous, youthful and confident skin. Phone or email our team through our contact page, or drop into our skin clinic to book a personal consultation. We can’t wait to help you achieve your best-ever skin.